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The Future of Futures Trading is Social Trading

Copy Trading and Grid Trading are helping our communities engage, interact and learn from each other in previously impossible ways.

Experience the power of social diving to physically and virtually participate in various events, meetings, and conferences worldwide.

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Proven technology

Reliable and secure deals even in the most difficult market conditions

Reliable security

Rated A+ on 12 SSL metrics and 4 professional security vendors

Customer Service

24hour local language customer service ( EN, FR, DE, RU, JP, TR, TC, ES … )

Margin futures account

USDT-,USDC- And Support Over 70 Transactions For Margin Futures Trading

Variaty of trading tools

Open API, CCXT,Quantitative Trading Bot, AutoView, Sirius Trader Support

Intuitive trading tools

Drag-and-drop,TP/SL levels and future calculators to separation and cross also margin mode.

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How to Deposit and Withdraw Crypto

If you’ve got crypto stored in a hot or cold wallet, follow this simple guide to deposit your crypto into Bitget’s Spot account and start trading! Better yet, take the hassle out of transfers by depositing funds into another Bitget account – no wallet address required!

Trade With Us (USDT-Margined Futures)

So you’ve registered for a Bitget account, verified your identity, and even deposited some crypto to get started on your trading journey. Let’s dive into how you can go one step further with Bitget by taking advantage of our flagship product, USDT-Margined Futures. Here, we show off which trading pairs are available on our platform for this function, how to open a position, as well as some cool features on our UI. Ready for futures?